Organizational Statement

The Utah Buddhist Fellowships is the umbrella organization of our local Fellowships, which are lay-led, inclusive, trans-sectarian Buddhist Sanghas. We focus on the universal wisdom of Gautama Buddha with meditation, ritual, and compassionate teaching and action. In this we are influenced by the Pure Land Buddhist traditions and the teachings of the Way of Oneness; a modern and unique form of American Buddhism developed by Venerable Rev. Gyomay and Rev. Koyo Kubose. This approach is based on Shin-Zen tenets and teachings of Japanese Mahayana Buddhism. Our spiritual leader is a Sensei with the Bright Dawn Center for Oneness. We also honor others associated with the Bright Dawn lineage as well as a myriad of Buddhist and non-Buddhist traditions. We are open to both secular and devotionally-oriented individuals equally.

We are administratively, financially and politically independent, and not part of any formal organizational hierarchy. Our associated Fellowships are regional extensions of the Utah Buddhist Fellowships. They are semi-autonomous chapters with room for creativity as implemented by the local practice leader. At the same time, they are harmonious in following the teachings of the Buddha as taught by Gyomay and Koyo Sensei. The liturgy and format of group practice are common to the Fellowships. We are confident in our expression of the Buddhadharma through our historical influences, teachers, practice leaders, and participants.

The Fellowship is open to all who wish to participate from whatever tradition or lack or tradition they practice. We do not care what you believe. Participants can believe, think and do whatever it is they do, and they are still welcome. We say, “Come as you are,” and we mean it. This is a safe place for all, young and old, blue collar, white collar, LGBT, people of color, those in recovery, and of course children are welcome. Come join us and see what our Fellowship is about.